At this time of the year the remaining fruit such as apples and pears that are still on the trees in the orchard or garden need to be picked before they fall on to the ground. Later varieties of fruit can be stored making sure that only the biggest and best fruits are selected to be kept. True late-keeping varieties can even be stored and enjoyed at Christmas or through into early spring.

When harvesting the fruit, it is important to pick the fruit carefully to avoid bruising and spoiling as any damaged fruit will not be able to be stored successfully. Once picked the fruit should be wrapped individually in waxed paper to stop them shrivelling while they ripen and placed on wooden trays or slatted shelves in a cool place such as an outbuilding or pantry. The fruit should be inspected regularly and any fruit that has spoiled should be removed to prevent other fruit becoming spoiled too.

If there is a glut of fruit and you are unable to stored them then a good way to use up the fruit is to make preserves and chutneys which can be enjoyed for many months. There are many recipes online that can be used but be adventurous and make up your own versions with the fruit that you have available.