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Choose a turf supplier who offers fresh supplies

When it comes to landscaping in Slough, using the right turf is always very important. This means you will need to get the best turf suppliers Slough as this is the only way you will be guaranteed of the right product for use in your new or old garden. Buying turf to lay in your garden presents you with easier and quicker options as opposed to growing your own lawn right from seed stage to maturation. However, this is not always an easy task especially if you are not able to choose the right supply. Your success in landscaping is closely linked to the right choice of a supplier and turf and therefore you should approach the entire process carefully. For success in your landscaping project, using freshly cut turf... Continue reading

Lawn Turf: Basic Care and Maintenance Guide

Just like anywhere else, caring for your lawn turf in Kettering requires a right balance of water and sunlight. The lawn turf is prone to pests and diseases but with proper care and maintenance the threat is lessened and your lawn is able to thrive. Other than water and sunlight, the lawn turf also requires fertiliser and regular mowing. Watering Immediately after installing new lawn turf in Kettering, you should water it. This needs to be done by thoroughly soaking it wet so that the dirt below also gets wet and thus allow the roots to grow into it. For the first few weeks you will have to thoroughly soak it but thereafter you can water it just like any other lawn. However, during the hot seasons, regular light watering... Continue reading

How Families Can Enjoy Lawn Turf

It is a desire of every homeowner to have a family whereby everyone is able to enjoy what the home and its environ offers. Imagine a scenario whereby you and your family members are trying to have a good time outdoor but the shredded lawn cannot allow because it is not gentle. If you want to experience an exquisite and tranquil time outdoor within your garden, then this lawn will do it perfectly for you. Everyone wants to have a good time outside in a serene environment where there is no interference. You can take a book and read it exclusively while relaxing at the lawn. Your family too needs to do something while at the lawn and this could include; Children’s Outdoor Party What if your kids want to... Continue reading

Winter tasks in the garden

Many people avoid working in the garden during the winter months as the ground is usually too hard to dig and the weather is unpredictable but there are some tasks that can be done so that when spring arrives the garden is ready for planting again. Winter jobs tend to be about cutting back and tidying shrubs and plants. Although hard pruning is not advisable in the winter a trim is fine. Be careful that you do not cut off branches that already have the buds for next year’s flowers though as shrubs such as hydrangea will not flower if pruned now. Removing dead plants from pots and planters is a job that could be done and will make sure that the pots on the patio are ready for replanting... Continue reading

Installing your sun awning in time for spring

Although winter is well on its way, it doesn’t mean now isn’t a good time to purchase a patio awning for your home. An awning can offer great protection from the sun but can also offer protection from the wind and rain. There are a number of different types of sun awnings to choose from such as fixed or retractable, and if retractable, manual or electric. Buying a garden patio awning now will ensure that it is is ready for the spring next year. There tends to be a rush around March and April time and you may find that if you leave it until then you won’t get one installed until mid way through summer. There may still be opportunities when you can use your awning throughout the colder... Continue reading
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