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Sunshade Awnings – A Great Investment For Your Home

Our homes are a place we want to enjoy and relax. The place where things can get a little bit crazy so we just need that area when can escape to. This is where a sunshade awning can come in handy. A simple product that is going to be a great investment for your home for these main reasons: Creates Shade Reduces Bills Low Maintenance Enhance Your Lifestyle No Limitations Bespoke Design Options Low Cost Creates Shade – When you decide to invest in a sunshade awning you are gaining the benefit of creating a shaded area. This is going to create the perfect outdoor area where you can enjoy the luxury of your garden without being harmed by the sun’s rays. The shade created by the awning is what... Continue reading

How To Effectively Care For Your Tulip Bulbs

Tulips are beautiful flowers that can be enjoyed by all. With them coming in a wide variety of colours they are not going to let you down in this aspect of garden design. But one aspect people do struggle with is knowing how to care for them. So, how do you effectively care for your tulips bulbs? Watering Your TulipsOf course, like every plant, your tulips are going to need watering. But understanding how often you need to do this is key to caring for them effectively. It is important that you do not overwater your tulips bulbs. If you are in an area where rainfalls regularly, for example, on a weekly basis, you should not water your bulbs anymore. This can cause damage to them and prevent them from... Continue reading

Tips for gardeners on a budget

With the majority of people struggling to manage their home finances at the moment buying items for the garden has gone down the list of priorities, but there are ways that you can spruce up the garden without breaking the bank and create a peaceful haven for you and your family to enjoy. A cheap tin of fence paint bought from a discount shop can be used on sheds, fences and wooden furniture and can make a real difference to the garden. Look for end of line paints or damaged tins as these will probably be cheaper. Many people have found that wooden pallets can be used for all sorts of things in the garden and can usually be sourced for free. They can be used to create seating areas... Continue reading

It’s time to sort out those planters

Thankfully, the risk of frost is now over and so pots and planters that are on patios and gardens can be safely planted up with bedding plants and annuals. Unless you have already grown your plants from seed you will need to pay a visit to the local garden centre or supermarket and choose which plants you want to use. Here are some ideas for colourful plants that are popular with gardeners. Geraniums come in all colours and varieties and are easy to grow in flower beds or planters. If kept well-watered and fed throughout the summer months, and dead headed when the blooms have died, they will continue to flower throughout the summer and autumn. Another popular bedding plant is the begonia which has a beautiful, dark glossy leaf... Continue reading

Get your garden Christmas ready

Many people spend a lot of time, effort and money on getting the house ready for Christmas. They take ages picking the perfect tree and decorating it beautifully then they make the whole house look amazing for the yuletide season. But how many people think about getting the garden ready as well and how can this be achieved? The range of outdoor Christmas lights that are available now is tremendous and will suit all tastes so whether you want something understated or want the full Monty of Christmas outdoor decorations the choice is yours. A good idea when planning to get your garden ready for Christmas is to look at it when it is dark so you can try to visualise the effect you want to accomplish. The other main... Continue reading
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