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If you want spectacular roses you need to get pruning

Roses of many colours and varieties are a common sight in English gardens and if properly looked after and maintained regularly will produce blooms throughout the summer and some varieties will even have a second bloom in the autumn months. Some people however are reluctant to grow roses in the garden because they feel that they need specialist care and pruning but with a bit of research and a good pair of secateurs there is nothing to fear. The key to the successful growing of roses is in the pruning, a task that needs to be done correctly to give the optimum effect and so that an abundance of flowers will be produced. The main reason for pruning roses is to keep the plant healthy and compact because rose bushes... Continue reading

Is it worth having a herb garden?

Many people have become more adventurous with their cooking recently as various cooking programmes have become popular viewing. As part of this interest in exciting meal preparation the use of herbs and spices has become more prevalent. Although most herbs and spices can be bought from the local supermarket in dried form using fresh herbs is preferable in many recipes and growing your own supply is a rewarding challenge. Growing your own herbs to use in recipes is easy to do and plants can either be in pots on a sunny windowsill, in planters on a patio or planted in the garden. Be aware that herbs can spread and take over a whole area in the garden especially a herb such as mint so if you want to restrict this... Continue reading

It is time to tidy the garden

In February we can begin to see signs of spring in the garden. Snowdrops may start growing in sheltered spots and daffodils and crocuses may be beginning to poke their heads through the soil. The garden often looks very drab at this time of the year so now is a good time to wrap up warm and venture out to do a bit of tidying. The first task is usually sweeping up any leaves that have gathered in some areas and either composting them to make mulch or taking them to the nearest recycling centre if there are too many to compost. Many garden plants die back in winter so now is a good time to cut back plants taking care not to cut back any hydrangeas as the new... Continue reading

Improve your mental health by spending time in the garden.

It is a challenging time for us all at the moment and we need to find ways to de-stress and relax in our own homes instead of venturing out to leisure centres and therapists to boost our mental health and wellbeing. For those people fortunate enough to have a garden, finding a way to unwind is easier as time spent in the garden can lead to a calmer mindset. Simply sitting outside in the fresh air can boost positive moods and if some winter sunshine is available this increases these feelings even more whilst also providing much needed vitamin D. Tidying up in the garden such as sweeping leaves or clearing away dead plants and flowers brings about a sense of achievement whilst also doing a worthwhile task. Reorganising sheds... Continue reading

Landscaping your garden to make it low maintenance

Many people get lots of pleasure from tending their gardens throughout the year but as they get older it may become more difficult to carry out some of the more strenuous tasks that need to be done such as digging over and weeding large areas, mowing large expanses of grass and pruning hedges and shrubs. It is for this reason that some people look at how they can make their garden low maintenance whilst still being able to enjoy the benefits of having an outdoor space. The first thing to think about is whether you want to keep a lawned area in the garden. If you do then consider making it smaller to making mowing easier or contemplate replacing it with artificial grass. Bedding areas are often very time consuming... Continue reading
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