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Do I need topsoil when laying new turf or grass seeds?

Having new turf can make a huge difference to your lawned area. New turf needs to be looked after in order to ensure that it grows and maintains it luscious green colour. You need to think about the area that you are going to be laying the turf down in before you place an order for turf. Sometimes, if the soil is good under you can just lay the turf on top but if they soil is of poor quality or has been neglected for a while then you may want to consider adding a layer of topsoil. Grass plants need at least 15cm of good quality, well prepared topsoil to root into, so if you do not have this, you will need to purchase topsoil. Most turfing companies will... Continue reading

Landscaping your garden to make it low maintenance

Many people get lots of pleasure from tending their gardens throughout the year but as they get older it may become more difficult to carry out some of the more strenuous tasks that need to be done such as digging over and weeding large areas, mowing large expanses of grass and pruning hedges and shrubs. It is for this reason that some people look at how they can make their garden low maintenance whilst still being able to enjoy the benefits of having an outdoor space. The first thing to think about is whether you want to keep a lawned area in the garden. If you do then consider making it smaller to making mowing easier or contemplate replacing it with artificial grass. Bedding areas are often very time consuming... Continue reading

To turf or not to turf – that is the question

So it’s time to overhaul your garden, you have a bare patch of land that you have cleared and levelled and it’s time to decide what to do with it. If you are wanting a lawn area then your three main options are to lay grass seed, turf or use artificial grass and there are pros and cons to each method. If you choose to lay grass seed then it’s important you choose the correct seed for the area depending on how much sunlight the area gets and how much traffic the grass will need to cope with. Once laid grass seed takes around 14 days to germinate but a good few weeks to become properly established so you’d need to play the waiting game. Grass seed does also tend... Continue reading

Quality Hörmann Doors as an Alternative for Your Home

Finding the perfect garage door for your home can be quite trying, many contractors will recommend that you get Hörmann doors. Their popularity is perhaps due to the company’s wide range of wooden garage door models, which are best suited for home use. However, before driving off to the builder’s depot and picking out one that “looks nice,” there are a few practical things you should take note about your home and how the door will fit into the picture. Consider these tips: Take Some Vital Measurements This will help you decide on how the door should open and close. Some door models, particularly the swing-up types, will take up a certain amount space when opening and closing. A swing-up garage door will need some horizontal clearance in and outside... Continue reading

How long have I got to lay fresh turf?

Turf can usually last 2 – 3 days before it needs to be laid down and possibly a bit longer in the winter months. After this time, it will usually start to die and can be very hard to retrieve back again. If you have to keep turf before laying it down properly then you need to unroll it and ensure that it gets plenty of water, It will also need sunlight but not too much as it can scorch it. Ideally you want to get it laid as soon as possible so make sure you only order it when you are ready to put it down. Once it is laid down, ensure that it is watered regularly if we have not had much rain and try not to walk... Continue reading
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