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Tips for gardeners on a budget

With the majority of people struggling to manage their home finances at the moment buying items for the garden has gone down the list of priorities, but there are ways that you can spruce up the garden without breaking the bank and create a peaceful haven for you and your family to enjoy. A cheap tin of fence paint bought from a discount shop can be used on sheds, fences and wooden furniture and can make a real difference to the garden. Look for end of line paints or damaged tins as these will probably be cheaper. Many people have found that wooden pallets can be used for all sorts of things in the garden and can usually be sourced for free. They can be used to create seating areas... Continue reading

It’s time to sort out those planters

Thankfully, the risk of frost is now over and so pots and planters that are on patios and gardens can be safely planted up with bedding plants and annuals. Unless you have already grown your plants from seed you will need to pay a visit to the local garden centre or supermarket and choose which plants you want to use. Here are some ideas for colourful plants that are popular with gardeners. Geraniums come in all colours and varieties and are easy to grow in flower beds or planters. If kept well-watered and fed throughout the summer months, and dead headed when the blooms have died, they will continue to flower throughout the summer and autumn. Another popular bedding plant is the begonia which has a beautiful, dark glossy leaf... Continue reading

Spruce up your garden with new fencing

If the fencing around your garden is looking a bit tired and dilapidated it may be time to renew it. New fencing can completely change the look of a garden and will provide the security we all want both to stop intruders and to prevent our canine companions from escaping. The choices of fencing that are available now are wide-ranging and come in a variety of materials and styles to suit all tastes and applications. The most popular garden fencing is still wooden fence panels with concrete posts and gravel boards as these are the cheapest and long lasting options. The most commonly used fence panels were made with horizontal boards but recently more people are choosing fence panels with vertical boards instead. These look more contemporary and are more... Continue reading

Do I need topsoil when laying new turf or grass seeds?

Having new turf can make a huge difference to your lawned area. New turf needs to be looked after in order to ensure that it grows and maintains it luscious green colour. You need to think about the area that you are going to be laying the turf down in before you place an order for turf. Sometimes, if the soil is good under you can just lay the turf on top but if they soil is of poor quality or has been neglected for a while then you may want to consider adding a layer of topsoil. Grass plants need at least 15cm of good quality, well prepared topsoil to root into, so if you do not have this, you will need to purchase topsoil. Most turfing companies will... Continue reading

Do the trees in your garden need some TLC?

During the winter months we are able to see our trees in all their bare glory and it is then that we may realise that they need some attention. The first decision to make is whether or not the tree is healthy or whether it should be replaced by a new one. This is especially true with fruit trees that actually have a certain life span before the fruit quality begins to deteriorate. No amount of pruning can save some trees and a diseased tree can spread the disease to other trees in the garden. There are treatments that can be used but mainly these are for commercial rather than domestic use and may not be effective. If you are confident that the tree is healthy but just needs some... Continue reading
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