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Install a fountain in your garden to really impress

There are many different types of water feature on the market from small cascading bowls right the way through to large ornamental fountains and your choice of water feature will very much depend on the space you have in your garden and the impression you want to create. Installing a fountain in your outdoor space will certainly give the garden the wow factor and can be quite easy to set up. Positioning the fountain will need to be carefully thought out as it is better to situate it so that it is accessible from each side for cleaning. Many people site them in the centre of a lawned area or alternatively on a gravelled surface. Fountains do not necessarily have to be of the traditional classical style if this does... Continue reading

Adding a water feature to your garden

Water features come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choosing the right water feature for your garden will depend a lot of where you want it to be positioned and the size of the garden. You may want your water feature to be a focal point in your garden but you do not want it to look out of place. There is quite a big price range for water features from less than a hundred pounds upwards of a thousand pounds. Think carefully about where you want to position the feature. If you have a seating area you may want it near to there so it can be admired when you are sat outside but not too close that it would be loud if you are trying to have... Continue reading

How to keep your garden ornaments and plants secure

Unfortunately, garden vandalism and theft are on the increase and people are looking more at the ways in which they can not only secure their homes but gardens too. If you have items in your garden that you want to protect them you may wish to anchor them down using a chain or bolting them into the ground. Many people want to display their floral arrangements or statues but having them in easy reach of the pavement is often asking for trouble. Keep items a few feet away (at least) from the kerbside to ensure that someone will actually have to enter your property in order to take it. Make hanging baskets harder to steal by hanging them on lockable brackets or by threading chain through the basket rim and... Continue reading

Creating a rockery

If you have a patch of garden that doesn’t really have a purpose then you may wish to create a rockery. A rockery can transform any garden and is also fairly easy to maintain. To create a rockery you first need to lay the foundations. You may wish to raise the area by putting bricks or rubble in a pile, it will help with drainage and give you a good base to start. Cover this with up turned turf to stop the soil falling through the gaps. Add a layer of soil and then place your rocks out on the soil to see how they will look. Once you are happy with the layout of the rocks, infill the rocks to secure them in to place. You can then add... Continue reading

Building A Garden Deck’s Foundation

Building a garden deck by yourself can be a very labour intensive job. Like with any structure, making sure that its foundations are suitable is the first, and most important step. Dirt makes a poor foundation, even for something as relatively light as a garden deck. In order to shore up the foundation of your deck, begin by digging out a sizeable hole underneath. Once this is done, you should then begin by placing gravel along the base, to give a solid base to it. From there, the best, most cost effective option is to use builders sandbags, which will give you a solid basis on which to develop the rest of the construction. A garden deck can be made with a variety of materials, ranging from various types of... Continue reading
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