Gardening as a hobby is enjoyed by people of all ages. It has many advantages to offer such as physically helping you to keep fit and mentally encouraging a feeling of wellbeing when working outdoors. Even when the weather is inclement, getting outside in the fresh air for a couple of hours can lift your mood and the satisfaction that is gained from looking at the results of your hard work is tremendous.

Planting seeds or small seedings and watching them grow is a rewarding experience and growing fruit and vegetables that can be harvested and eaten by you and your family is satisfying. The cost of buying seeds is relatively inexpensive as a small packet of seeds will usually produce lots of plants so financially growing your own produce such as lettuce, tomatoes and beans is worthwhile.

Gardening is an easy hobby to start as you really only need a piece of land which can either be landscaped to create different areas such as flower beds or simply dug over to provide a vegetable patch. If you are concerned about you own lack of knowledge when it comes to growing plants successfully there are many online sites that are full of advice for a newbie gardener.