During the winter months we are able to see our trees in all their bare glory and it is then that we may realise that they need some attention.

The first decision to make is whether or not the tree is healthy or whether it should be replaced by a new one. This is especially true with fruit trees that actually have a certain life span before the fruit quality begins to deteriorate. No amount of pruning can save some trees and a diseased tree can spread the disease to other trees in the garden. There are treatments that can be used but mainly these are for commercial rather than domestic use and may not be effective.

If you are confident that the tree is healthy but just needs some routine pruning it is advisable to employ a tree surgeon as they will know exactly which branches to cut back and how to maintain a good shape over time.

It is sensible to loosen the soil surrounding the tree and to mix in some well-rotted compost to provide the tree with some extra nutrients. Watering the tree during dry spells is also a good idea and will help it to thrive and flourish.