If the fencing around your garden is looking a bit tired and dilapidated it may be time to renew it. New fencing can completely change the look of a garden and will provide the security we all want both to stop intruders and to prevent our canine companions from escaping.

The choices of fencing that are available now are wide-ranging and come in a variety of materials and styles to suit all tastes and applications. The most popular garden fencing is still wooden fence panels with concrete posts and gravel boards as these are the cheapest and long lasting options. The most commonly used fence panels were made with horizontal boards but recently more people are choosing fence panels with vertical boards instead. These look more contemporary and are more rigid than the horizontal style. Fence panels with domed tops can be used if you want the fence to be higher but do not want to replace concrete fence posts.

If you want fencing for privacy but do not want it to be too high a good option is to have shorter panels with trellising on the top. This style allows more light to get into the garden which in turn may improve the growth of the grass in lawned areas and prevent the garden becoming too shady.