Many people have become more adventurous with their cooking recently as various cooking programmes have become popular viewing. As part of this interest in exciting meal preparation the use of herbs and spices has become more prevalent. Although most herbs and spices can be bought from the local supermarket in dried form using fresh herbs is preferable in many recipes and growing your own supply is a rewarding challenge.

Growing your own herbs to use in recipes is easy to do and plants can either be in pots on a sunny windowsill, in planters on a patio or planted in the garden. Be aware that herbs can spread and take over a whole area in the garden especially a herb such as mint so if you want to restrict this growth keep herbs in pots and planters.

The choice of growing from seed or buying small plants is down to personal preference and the time you have to cultivate the plants. Many supermarkets sell growing herb plants which can be planted out and will continue to grow throughout the year and will hopefully come back the following year. Having fresh herbs at your fingertips to use in recipes is certainly worthwhile and also a lovely, aromatic addition to any garden flower bed.