There are many different types of water feature on the market from small cascading bowls right the way through to large ornamental fountains and your choice of water feature will very much depend on the space you have in your garden and the impression you want to create.

Installing a fountain in your outdoor space will certainly give the garden the wow factor and can be quite easy to set up. Positioning the fountain will need to be carefully thought out as it is better to situate it so that it is accessible from each side for cleaning. Many people site them in the centre of a lawned area or alternatively on a gravelled surface.

Fountains do not necessarily have to be of the traditional classical style if this does not suit your garden as there are modern alternatives available. It is even possible to have a bespoke fountain built to your own specifications making it completely unique.

Maintaining the fountain is a straightforward process and consists of ensuring the water level in the bowl is topped up regularly as if it runs dry the pump will stop working, cleaning to remove algae and dead leaves and treating the water with a chemical to keep the water looking sparkling and fresh.