It is a challenging time for us all at the moment and we need to find ways to de-stress and relax in our own homes instead of venturing out to leisure centres and therapists to boost our mental health and wellbeing.

For those people fortunate enough to have a garden, finding a way to unwind is easier as time spent in the garden can lead to a calmer mindset. Simply sitting outside in the fresh air can boost positive moods and if some winter sunshine is available this increases these feelings even more whilst also providing much needed vitamin D.

Tidying up in the garden such as sweeping leaves or clearing away dead plants and flowers brings about a sense of achievement whilst also doing a worthwhile task. Reorganising sheds and other garden storage will make life easier in the spring and summer when more time will need to be spent on garden maintenance.

It is beneficial to spend time looking at different areas of the garden and possibly planning new projects such as installing a water feature or raised bedding as forward planning and working towards a goal has been shown to improve mental health and promote a positive mindset.