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How to make your garden wildlife friendly

Many of us love to see wildlife in our gardens and as the colder weather is approaching, looking after the wildlife, and giving them food and shelter is even more important. Having a bird table is a great place to start. Be sure to regularly fill it up with bird seed and nuts to keep the birds coming back. If you notice after a while that they have stopped coming, you may need to give the table a good clean, replace any food that may of gone off and even move it in to another position. Bird boxes will also attract birds who are looking to nest. They often start to look for a home to nest in during the early spring or possibly late winter if the weather is... Continue reading

Using your garden to grow your own produce

The opportunity to grow your own food in your garden is a dream that a lot of homeowners have but it is not difficult to make that dream a reality and save money at the same time. Even if your garden is small it is still possible to grow some food producing plants throughout the year by using raised beds and other innovative ideas. The first thing to do is to research the type of vegetables that can be grown in each season as some can be planted in autumn to produce a crop throughout the winter. Plan out the best areas in your garden to dig over and make sure that the soil has been enriched with a good quality compost as this will give your plants a good... Continue reading

How easy is it to redesign your garden?

Many people at this time of year turn their attention to their gardens as they get the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, weather permitting. It can be a massive project if you decide to totally redesign your garden but the satisfaction that you feel when you have finished all the hard work and are enjoying the fruits of your labour is immense. Drawing out a plan of your design ideas is a good place to start remembering to allocate different areas of the garden to particular purposes for example you might want a comfortable seating area with a barbeque in one part of the garden, a play area for the children in another part and a vegetable bed in yet another. Paths that lead from one area to another... Continue reading

Enhancing your garden with a pond

For many people, their garden has become an extension of their house. They install mood lighting and comfortable garden furniture, a hot tub and barbeque and some even build themselves an outside bar area. Covered areas are created so that even if the weather is inclement time outside can still be enjoyed. A welcome addition to any desirable garden is a garden pond which can range from a small raised one on the patio or decking to a larger wildlife pond depending on the space you have available. Some householders are put off the idea because they worry about the upkeep of such a feature but once the initial pond is set up the ongoing maintenance can be minimal, and the enjoyment received far outweighs the effort required. Once you... Continue reading

Looking after your garden during a heatwave

With so many of us having spent weeks at home, our gardens have been used more than ever, especially if you have children who like to play outside. All this extra traffic can be detrimental to the health of our gardens and it is important that you spend some time every day looking after your lawn to help maintain it. Play equipment can be awful for gardens, if you don’t move it around often enough it will kill the grass off that is under it. Ideally, if you have a patio area, at the end of every day you should try and move as many items off the grass as possible. This is also a great time to water the garden especially during dry spells or heatwaves. If you have... Continue reading
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