Upon first looking, ericaceous soil may sound confusing. Most people believe that there is only one kind of soil that all plants are able to grow in. But this is a myth that needs debunking. That is why we are going to share all the key information on this type of soil and why and when you should be using it. 

The Key Points 

Let’s begin by sharing with you some of the basics. Ericaceous soil is generically the same as any other soil. It is a material that is used to plant flowers in. However, there is the main difference. This is the acidity of the soil itself. This makes it only suitable for a small selection of plants that have a higher growth performance in highly acidic soil. This is where the soil gets its name from, as most commonly it is used the grow flowers that are a part of the Ericaceae family, these are the plants that require more acid to grow. Their growth depends upon the amount of acid in the soil they are planted into. 

When Should I Be Using It? 

Now you understand the basics of how ericaceous soil is different, let’s think about when you should be using it. 

Simply, you want to be using it when you are trying to grow plants that are acid-loving. These are the plants that are going to thrive in this environment. Some plant choices for this type of soil include Azaleas, Camellias, Holly, Fern, Blueberries, Raspberries, Cranberries and so many more. 

If you were to plant seeds or bulbs into this soil that are not of the correct plants, you may find that the growth of them is impacted. They are not going to grow to their highest potential. The acidity may even stunt their growth, meaning no growth will occur at all. So, you must ensure that you are choosing the right flowers and soil that are compatible with one another. 

Why Should You Use Ericaceous Soil

Now for the ending, the understanding of why this soil should be used. Well, this can be shared with you in fairly simple terms. Everything needs different things to be able to thrive. Each human needs different things, whilst we all have our basic requirements, there are different things like haircare, and skincare that can be different. By supporting these, our personal growth will continue. This is the same for plants, they all need different care and this starts with the soil they are planted in. By simply researching and understanding the differences, you will know which to use for your plants. 

So, before you go out and plant any random seeds or bulbs into your garden, think about how you are going to care for them. By offering them the best environment for growth, you will see that your garden stays beautiful for longer. That your plants thrive in their environment as you are providing them with all of the key nutrients that they need for their growth.