Many people get lots of pleasure from tending their gardens throughout the year but as they get older it may become more difficult to carry out some of the more strenuous tasks that need to be done such as digging over and weeding large areas, mowing large expanses of grass and pruning hedges and shrubs. It is for this reason that some people look at how they can make their garden low maintenance whilst still being able to enjoy the benefits of having an outdoor space.

The first thing to think about is whether you want to keep a lawned area in the garden. If you do then consider making it smaller to making mowing easier or contemplate replacing it with artificial grass.

Bedding areas are often very time consuming to keep them looking neat and tidy but by using weed free matting and covering this with wood chippings or decorative gravel the bedding sections of your garden become much more manageable. Raised bedding makes it much easier to plant and weed without having to bend down and can be installed around the garden.

By using large pots to hold shrubs rather than planting them directly in the garden will constrict them and also make it easier to prune them in the autumn.