Many of us love to see wildlife in our gardens and as the colder weather is approaching, looking after the wildlife, and giving them food and shelter is even more important. Having a bird table is a great place to start. Be sure to regularly fill it up with bird seed and nuts to keep the birds coming back. If you notice after a while that they have stopped coming, you may need to give the table a good clean, replace any food that may of gone off and even move it in to another position.

Bird boxes will also attract birds who are looking to nest. They often start to look for a home to nest in during the early spring or possibly late winter if the weather is warmer.

If you have a cat or dog you need to think carefully about attracting wildlife in to your garden as it may not be the kindest thing to do.

Adding a bird bath is another must to get the birds flocking in but during the winter months as the temperatures drop you may need to refill it daily with lukewarm water as it will often freeze over during the night.