Many people at this time of year turn their attention to their gardens as they get the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, weather permitting. It can be a massive project if you decide to totally redesign your garden but the satisfaction that you feel when you have finished all the hard work and are enjoying the fruits of your labour is immense.

Drawing out a plan of your design ideas is a good place to start remembering to allocate different areas of the garden to particular purposes for example you might want a comfortable seating area with a barbeque in one part of the garden, a play area for the children in another part and a vegetable bed in yet another.

Paths that lead from one area to another through the garden can be winding so as to lead people from one space to the next. If you have the room to include a small pond or other water feature in your plan this will enhance your garden design further.

Your available budget for redesigning your garden will dictate whether you need to do the work yourself or whether you can employ a landscape gardener to do this for you.