For many people, their garden has become an extension of their house. They install mood lighting and comfortable garden furniture, a hot tub and barbeque and some even build themselves an outside bar area. Covered areas are created so that even if the weather is inclement time outside can still be enjoyed.

A welcome addition to any desirable garden is a garden pond which can range from a small raised one on the patio or decking to a larger wildlife pond depending on the space you have available. Some householders are put off the idea because they worry about the upkeep of such a feature but once the initial pond is set up the ongoing maintenance can be minimal, and the enjoyment received far outweighs the effort required.

Once you have decided on the type of pond you want the construction of it may be something you can attempt yourself or you may want to employ someone to do this for you. You will need to consider the plants that you want to have both in the pond and around the perimeter keeping in mind that they may grow substantially so start small.

Stocking the pond with fish will be the final part of your project. Expert advice on the best type of fish to have can be sought from reputable stockists.