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Garden security explored

When you think about your garden you will probably think about what plants you want in it, when you need to mow the lawn and how to keep it looking beautiful, but do you ever consider your security. The garden is your home’s first line of defence against burglary and theft so it is vital that you ensure you have a good level of security around your perimeter. This can be enough to put off burglars and protect your home. Burglars will also often access homes and gardens through public access routes such as an alley or walkway. If you have a private alleyway down the side of your house you may want to fit a high, strong lockable gate. Installing fencing on top of a low wall may be... Continue reading

Securing your garden with gates

If you have a garden then it is important to ensure that it is secure and that there is no easy access to unwanted strangers. When people think about security they often look at doors, windows and security systems within the home but forget about the garden. Your garden perimeter should be your first line of defence. You need to try and make sure that you have gates fitted to side entrances and security lights that will come on if a movement is detected. When choosing your gates to have fitted to your fence you need to make sure they are attached in such a way that they cannot just be lifted off. You need to ensure that have security locks fitted to them to alone allow access to authorised... Continue reading

Double Wooden Gates for Your Driveway

Security is a top concern for every home owner nowadays. One way of ensuring securing in your home is by installing a quality gate at your driveway. You can either choose a single gate or a double gate for your driveway. Double gates are often associated with more security and safety than single ones. They also set a different atmosphere with their solemnity, and they demand respect. Double wooden gates for your driveways can sometimes suggest high social status. The double wooden driveway gates do not only secure the entrance but also allow a home owner to control the access to his or her property at a considerable distance away from the main building. This will give you an even higher level of security.