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What outdoor plants are easy to look after?

If you are wanting to spruce up your garden a bit this year then you may be starting to plan how you want it to look. Having plants or trees in your garden can really help make it look colourful and help attract nature such as butterflies, birds and squirrels. Gardening has also been proven to be incredibly therapeutic. If you are a bit of a novice at gardening, then you will want to start off with some easy plants and trees. Once you have mastered these you can then try and introduce more complex vegetation. Apple trees, believe it or not, are a great first tree to introduce into your garden. You don’t need to have acers of room as the dwarf options are perfect for borders. Be sure... Continue reading

Get your garden spring ready

With the warmer weather already on the way, many gardens that have been left unattended through much of the winter have started to get some attention. One of the first things people do as spring starts is to mow the lawn. Try and mow your lawn on a dry day when it has had a chance to dry out. If it has recently rained or is still wet from the dew that has formed overnight then you will often find that your lawn mower will get clogged up with damp grass and the mower can damage the grass by getting sunk in the soil. Have a good tidy round your garden chucking away any furniture that cannot be saved and give toys a good wash if they have been outside... Continue reading

When is the best time to prune fruit trees?

If you are lucky enough to have apple or pear trees in your garden, you may appreciate the fruit that you can collect, come the summertime but you do need to do some maintenance to ensure that they keep bearing good quality fruit. Trees that are not pruned become less productive and congested with old branches. Ideally, you want to achieve an open goblet shaped tree that has 4 or 5 main branches. Pruning is often done differently for newer trees (less than a couple of years old) to how you prune older ones. It is important that when pruning a tree you know what you are doing as if done incorrectly you could damage or kill the tree. If you are in any doubt then you may wish to... Continue reading

Keeping your garden watered throughout the summer

We Brits are great at complaining, we often complain in the winter that it’s too cold and the snow is causing disruption but then also moan during the summer if we have a week or two of hot weather. The hot weather can though be welcomed by many but if you are an avid gardener then you may struggle to keep your garden as vibrant and lush as you wish. Watering your plants and grass throughout the summer, especially during dry periods is a must. Ideally, they should all be watered once a day and not during the hottest time of the day. If you water plants when the sun is blazing on them you may end up scorching them. Wait until the late evening or if you are up... Continue reading

Creating a beautiful garden that is easy to maintain

We have all done it when you’re walking along and see a beautiful, idyllic garden and swear to ourselves that we are going to get our garden like that before the season is over. Often due to time and cost this doesn’t always happen and over time the job of mowing/ weeding the garden grows ever bigger. If you want a garden that is easy to maintain you need to stay away from flower beds and too much grass area. Grassed areas are not too bad as they can simply be mowed but flower beds will have to be weeded and new weeds can spring up every week. Potted plants are brilliant for adding a splash of colour to an area and can be easily moved if you want to.... Continue reading
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