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Looking after your garden during a heatwave

With so many of us having spent weeks at home, our gardens have been used more than ever, especially if you have children who like to play outside. All this extra traffic can be detrimental to the health of our gardens and it is important that you spend some time every day looking after your lawn to help maintain it. Play equipment can be awful for gardens, if you don’t move it around often enough it will kill the grass off that is under it. Ideally, if you have a patio area, at the end of every day you should try and move as many items off the grass as possible. This is also a great time to water the garden especially during dry spells or heatwaves. If you have... Continue reading

Enjoying your garden this summer

With summer well on the way and the UK still in a lockdown, many of us are looking to our gardens to be able to enjoy the summer weather. Regardless of the size of your garden there are always things you can do to try and improve the way it looks and ensure you have areas where you can just sit and enjoy a cup of tea or have a place where the children can play. You may want to start by doing some weeding and mowing the lawn if you have one. You would be surprised how much of a difference this alone can make. After this you may wish to start to set up your designated areas and decide what you are going to have where. If you... Continue reading

Installing a pond in your garden

An attractive addition to any garden whether large or small is a garden pond. If you think that installing a pond is for you then these are the things you need to consider. Firstly, what size do you want your pond to be? If your garden is small, then obviously a small pond would be better whereas a larger garden could accommodate a larger pond with additional features such as a stream or waterfall. The shape of the pond is also an element to be planned. Many people choose a kidney shaped pond as this looks attractive. When you have decided on the size and shape of your pond you will need to give some thought as to the type of pond you want. You may decide to have a... Continue reading

Transforming your garden on a budget

In recent years people have begun to see their outside space as an extension of their home interior and have started putting a lot of thought into the planning and preparation of their garden. The cost of renovating your garden can be great but with help from family and friends if possible, the perfect garden could be within your reach. The first thing is to measure your garden and draw a simple plan. This will enable you to try out ideas on paper before starting any construction work. The internet has a wealth of ideas for garden planning if you are stuck for where to start often suggesting suitable plants too. Once you have settled on a plan, mark out your garden with pegs and string to show where edging... Continue reading

What outdoor plants are easy to look after?

If you are wanting to spruce up your garden a bit this year then you may be starting to plan how you want it to look. Having plants or trees in your garden can really help make it look colourful and help attract nature such as butterflies, birds and squirrels. Gardening has also been proven to be incredibly therapeutic. If you are a bit of a novice at gardening, then you will want to start off with some easy plants and trees. Once you have mastered these you can then try and introduce more complex vegetation. Apple trees, believe it or not, are a great first tree to introduce into your garden. You don’t need to have acers of room as the dwarf options are perfect for borders. Be sure... Continue reading
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